yuya inagawa handmade Pengin doll object ハンドメイド ペンギンオブジェ1



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 yuya inagawa Pengin









yuya inagawa

フランス人ぬいぐるみアーティストAnne-Valerie Dupond (アン ヴァレリー デュポン)氏の作品との出会いをきっかけに制作をスタート。





All handmade Pengins are made of recycled fabric.

Yuyainagawa's outstitching is done by hand, stitch by stitch, giving her works a sense of three-dimensionality and warmth that cannot be found in product dolls.

Since all the dolls are handmade by the artist, some of them take from three to six months to complete, and some of them take up to a year to complete.

We hope you will invite them into your family.


Since they are one-off products, the color and material of each piece will vary.

The color of the product may differ from the actual product due to your monitor settings, room lighting, or other factors. Please understand this in advance.


yuya inagawa

Yuya inagawa's work began after encountering the works of French stuffed animal artist Anne-Valerie Dupond.

All works are created by hand, with each expression being carefully considered individually.

The story of the material and the story of the person are spun into shape with a single thread, and the feelings for the work and the material are cherished,

While cherishing the feelings of the moment, the concept of production is not a one-way street for the creator, but rather a dialogue between the creator and the recipient through the work.


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