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The world's first denim line

The omersa identity was inherited from the denim line, and a 13-ounce stretch denim with rope dyeing, which is rarely used in furniture, was used.
In order to be an item that has been handed down from generation to generation and loved, I wanted to keep the aging and the taste of the ingredients over time.

Denim uses Okayama and Kojima denim produced in Made in Japan. Like the original line, it uses iron skin and wood skin as a cushion material.
The roughness of the woodskin will create the fabric and will change over time.
Be sure to add omersa, whose expressions change every day, to their family members.

Our best selling line, the leather hippo has a wonderful curvy shape and smiley face. Irresistible! This size is suitable for use as a footstool or occasional seat.

The product is hand made by Omersa using British cowhide leather. Inside the leather is a sturdy metal and wooden frame firmly surrounded by woodwool; the woodwool is hand worked to give the shape of the animal. It is this process that results in no two pieces being alike. Each piece produced is truly unique. Once assembled, the leather is stained to give an “antique” effect in mahogany brown, then waxed and polished to give a luxurious finish.
产品编号: AFR/0303 DENIM

Product Description

M 80 28 47

Note: the stain supplied is a water based, permanent stain. Spillages can be mopped up with warm water and a cloth but colour damage cannot be removed easily.

1.Cover a flat service with several layers of newspaper.

2.Wear household gloves to protect hands against stain and an apron to protect clothing.

3.Work in a well ventilated room with good lighting.

4.Obtain sponge/piece of old cotton T shirt material to apply stain.

5.Dispense a small amount of stain in to a container large enough for you to dip your sponge/cloth in to.


1.Place your animal on the flat service covered with newspaper. Turn him onto his back. Dip sponge/cloth into stain solution and squeeze out any excess stain. Move sponge over surface of leather using SMALL overlapping CIRCULAR movements, starting with the underbelly and inside of legs. DO NOT apply the stain using long wiping movements as this does not give a nice finish. Complete sides of body overlapping the stain as you apply it, finishing off with the head.

2.Leave animal overnight to dry off.

NOTE: if you are re staining only small areas that have incurred damage, put a small amount of stain on to the cloth and apply to the affected area in SMALL circular movements as noted above. Blend the stain in with the surrounding area. It may be that you have to reapply stain to build up to colour required.


1.Nikwax is a water based wax that is absorbed in to the leather. It is used to waterproof leather and provide protection from drying out. It is GREAT for your keeping your animal in good condition.

2.Apply Nikwax in the same manner as the stain, using a fresh sponge/piece of cloth. Work in small circular movements. The Nikwax may “lift off” some of the stain. This is not unexpected and gives the “antique effect” finish that we look for.

3.Leave to dry (say an hour). Then buff up to a shine with a soft cloth.Reapply Nikwax from time to time to keep your animal in good condition and to improve its colour fastness.


产品编号 AFR/0303 DENIM


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