Maison Margiela launched the Icons Collection.

English follows Japanese.

Maison Margielaは、クリエイティブディレクターのJohn Galianoによりデザインされたジェンダーレスのワードローブの定番とフォーマルウェアの新しいラインであるIcons Collectionリリースした。




Maison Margiela introduces the Icons Collection, a new line of genderless wardrobe staples and formalwear founded in enduring codes developed for the house by Creative Director John Galliano.

Garments and accessories featured in the Icons Collections embody the silhouettes and techniques entrenched in the genetics of Maison Margiela. The recently introduced idea of inverted snobbery the act of transposing the placement of fine and humble materials permeates the collection.

Tailored coats adapt the house’s transformative caped sleeve cut and work-in-progress top stitching, while cuffs are imbued with the memory of their own form.

Trench coats reveal their tattersall lining through the shadow play of pockets, and employ decortiqué the house term for reducing a feature to its core structure through cutting on collars, pockets and cuffs.

A puffer coat evokes the capitonnage of the signature Glam Slam bag, itself a fixture in the Icons Collections. Bias cutting is exercised in a silk suit and a draped hammered silk evening dress, while notions of dressing in haste and ancestral hand-me-downs are present throughout.

Maison Margiela Icons Collection available at their boutiques and their website.