Craig Green×adidas Originals releasing on May 11th.

English follows Japanese.

Craig Green×adidas originalsより最新のコラボレーションが公開。今回のコラボレーションでは、ZX 2k Phormarと ZX 2k Phormar 2の2型を展開。


Craig Green×adidas originalsは、5月11日発売。


Craig Green releasing another collaboration with adidas originals.

This collaboration includes 2styles such as ZX 2k Phormar and ZX 2k Phormar 2.

A new upper structure created using one piece of fabric and one set of cords.

It took inspiration from the functional simplicity of the ZX 2K Boost and have created a shoe where every design detail is led by function.

“I’m always interested in tensions and the contrast between light and dark, something that I often explore throughout my work,” says Green.

“The first collection we made with adidas was full of vivid bright colors. I wanted to explore another side of my work with this collection, and worked with earth tones as well as monochromatics.”

Craig Green×adidas Originals ZX 2k Phormar and Phormar 2 are available now at select retailers.