Sotheby's unveiled the second MARTIN MARGIELA archive auction "Hors Normes II".

English follows Japanese.

Sotheby’sが、Martin Margielaのアーカイブオークション第二弾Hors Normes IIを開催する。コレクションは、コレクターによって20年以上の歳月を掛けて集められたものでアーティザナルやプレタポルテなど1989年から2009年までに制作された約200点を出品。オークションは、Sotheby's Onlineにて3月3日から9日まで開催。


Sotheby's unveiled the second MARTIN MARGIELA archive auction named "Hors Normes II". Considered one of the most atypical and influential designers of his generation, MARTIN MARGIELA is one of the very few couturiers to have achieved a radical renewal in the world of contemporary fashion. Nearly 200 pieces, assembled over more than 20 years by a private collector, will revisit the most iconic creations of his career, from his emergence in 1989 through to 2006. His radical approach explores the construction of garments by deconstructing them. He reveals what is usually hidden, placing linings, seams and hems on the outside. He pushes size to its extremes, from oversized pieces to doll's clothing adapted to human size. He prints trompe-l'oeil dresses, knitwear and coats. He even paints his pieces and introduces festive hints with crystals and sparkles. This auction to be held online from March 3rd through 9th at their website.