Tom Sachs started new solo exhibition named Ritual.

Tom Sachsが単独のエキシビションがパリで開始された。Ritualと名付けられたエキシビションは。パリマレギャラリーのメインスペースにて開催。展示されたアートは、サックスが現代彫刻の分野で独自の地位を築いたブリコラージュの美学を特徴とし、日常のありふれた素材を使用してありふれた工業用オブジェクトを複製している。Ritualは、2月20まで開催中。下記よりビジュアルをご覧頂きたい。


Tom Sachs started new solo exhibition named Ritual at Thaddaeus Ropac in Paris, France. It features a selection of new works exhibited on bespoke pedestals inspired by modernist shapes, demonstrating the comprehensive spectrum of Sachs’ distinctive sculptural practice. Each sculpture is characterised by the same bricolage aesthetic that has gained Sachs a unique position in the field of contemporary sculpture. Influenced by the subcultures of an urban metropolis like New York, specifically the phenomenon of New York City’s corner stores, known as bodegas due to their roots in the city’s latin american communities of the 1950s, the artist replicates ​commonplace industrial objects using everyday materials, including plywood, cardboard, resin, tape, and paint. The sculptures bear traces of their making, becoming vehicles for a reflection on the creation of value and human labour. The exhibition is on view until February 20th.

Thaddaeus Ropac
7 Rue Debelleyme
Paris Fr-75003