GALLERY DEPT released recycled products.

English follows Japanese.

先日ブランドを辞めると発表したGALLERY DEPTよりリサイクルプロダクトがリリースされた。


ファウンダー兼デザイナーのJosué Thomasは、今後アーティストとして活動すると語ったが今回のコレクションは今後の方向性を示唆させるものかもしれない。

GALLERY DEPTリサイクルコレクションは、Onlineにて発売中。


GALLERY DEPT released recycled products.

This collection includes t-shirt, tote bag and shoulder bag. Each item is made of recycle poly and features brand tag and zippers.

Despite its success in the last few years founder and designer Josué Thomas has officially announced the closure of GALLERY DEPT this year.

He will continue his work as an artist and this collection could be part of it.

GALLERY DEPT new items are available at their website.