Komehyo announced pop up event "TSUNAGU HERMES ARCHIVE 1997-2003".

English follows Japanese.

コメ兵が、Martin Margielaが手掛けたHERMÈSのアイテムを集めたPop Up"TSUNAGU HERMES ARCHIVE 1997-2003"を開催する。




Japan based second hand retailer Komehyo announced pop up event "TSUNAGU HERMES ARCHIVE 1997-2003".

This event features HERMES designed by Martin Margiela from 1998 to 2003. It including more than 350 items, such as coat, knit, jacket, and accessories.

Under the concept of "From Reuse to Relay Use," the aim is not simply to down-cycle the value of goods, but to pass them on through up-cycling to increase their value.

By respecting producers and users, and relaying their thoughts through pop-ups, they will contribute to the sustainable society.

"TSUNAGU HERMES ARCHIVE 1997-2003" starting form October 28th Through November 1oth at Shibuya scramble square 4th floor.