Tom Sachs and SSENSE launched The Space Program Retail Lab (S.P.R.L.) .

English follows Japanese.
現代アーティストのTom SachsとSSENSEによる新たなオンラインプラットフォームSpace Program: Retail Lab(S.P.R.L.)が始動。Tom Sachsが13年間にわたって異世界と人類の可能性を追究してきたプログラムSpace Programの4番目となる展覧会SPACE PROGRAM: RARE EARTHSと連携したSpace Program: Retail Lab(S.P.R.L.)では、Tom Sachsがデザインしたアパレル家具、アート作品などが購入可能。また、展覧会の期間中は、新作のFanny Pack ProやTom Sachsのアーカイブなども販売されている。興味がある方はこちらからチェックして頂きたい。


Tom Sachs and SSENSE launched The Space Program Retail Lab (S.P.R.L.) . It is a digital companion to the fourth exhibition in Tom Sachs’ Space Program, the artist’s thirteen-year exploration of the boundaries of other worlds and human possibilities.

S.P.R.L. brings together the respective explorations and shared values of Tom Sachs and SSENSE as they challenge conventions of what retail can be. S.P.R.L. enables users to access Tom Sachs apparel and rare objects including limited edition SPACE PROGRAM: RARE EARTHS items, furniture like the NASA Folding Chair, design objects such as the Tom Sachs Leatherman Charge+ All Purpose Tool, and select artworks. Additional items, including the Fanny Pack Pro bag and singular Nikecraft products from the Tom Sachs archive, will be released during the course of the exhibition. Visitors to S.P.R.L. are invited to undergo exercises to digitally indoctrinate themselves into the Studio code by successfully completing online missions and following the S.P.R.L. log for updates about the Space Program.

You can participate this program here.