Gucci has released the "Gucci Equilibrium Impact Report," on the "Gucci Equilibrium" website.

English follows Japanese.

GUCCIは、サステナビリティの活動内容をまとめたGucci Equilibrium Impact Reportを公開した。


人権に関する取り組みでは、CHIME FOR CHANGEを通じて、2020年の1年間で1750万ドル以上の寄付金を調達、89カ国442のプロジェクトに資金提供した。



Gucci has released the "Gucci Equilibrium Impact Report,"  on the "Gucci Equilibrium" website.

In terms of environmental initiatives, by the end of 2020, Gucci will have reduced its total environmental impact by 44% and its greenhouse gas emissions by 47%, compared to a baseline of 15 years, achieving its target of 25 years ahead of schedule.

In terms of human rights activities, the company raised more than $17.5 million in donations through its global gender equality project "Chime for Change" in 2008, funding 442 projects in 89 countries. The percentage of women in management positions in the company is 57.4%.