LOEWE is launching “The Surplus Project.”

English follows Japanese.

LOEWEは、コレクション制作の過程で生まれた余剰や端切れのレザーを再利用するプロジェクト“The Surplus Project”を始動。第一弾では、スムース・クラシック カーフスキンとグレインド カーフスキンの2種類のレザーをチェッカーパターンに編み込んだバッグを展開。同コレクションは、Onlineにて発売中。


LOEWE is launching “The Surplus Project.” The series features handbags made using leftover leather from the brand's production process. A traditional basket bag reinterpreted in precisely woven classic calfskin and grained calfskin strips to create a checkerboard effect finished with rolled calfskin top handles. This bag is crafted from calfskin that would otherwise be discarded, creating something beautiful and functional whilst preserving precious resources. This collection is available at their website.