Hedi Slimane's Solo Exhibition Sun of Sound in Shanghai.

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Hedi SlimaneのソロエキシビションSun of Soundが上海で3月19日より開催。同エキシビションでは、音楽シーンに焦点を当てたHediの作品、そして彼の音楽遍歴を表現するサウンドインスタレーションを展示する他、イギリス出身のミュージシャンであるPeter Dohertyの生涯をたどるLondon, Birth of a Cult、HediのビデオインスタレーションのBerlinを披露する。

Hedi Slimaneのソロエキシビション内部の様子が公開。(3/28更新)


French gallery Almine Rech will hold a solo exhibition Sun of Sound in Shanghai from March 19th to April 30th by Hedi Slimane, artistic, creative and image director of "CELINE". This is Hedi's first solo exhibition in six years since 2014, and the first in China. The exhibition will showcase a number of Hedi's works focusing on the music scene. A sound installation that expresses Hedi's musical itinerary. "London, Birth of a Cult," which traces the life of British musician Peter Doherty. It also includes Hedi's video installation "Berlin". 

Almine Rech unveiled inside look at Hedi Slimane's Solo Exhibition Sun of Sound.(Updates March 28th)